Saturday, July 10, 2010

Possible past life

I dreamt this a while back. in this dream i was a little girl, Asian, maybe 7 or 8 years old. the location was in a desert type area. i was with a large group of people. we were being led somewhere by men with guns. i did not understand their language., although they were Asian too. we had been walking for a long time. they led us all to a cave, or mine in a hidden area of the desert near cliff walls. they sat us in there and starting giving off orders, at least it's how it seemed. when no one was looking, i snuck out of there and headed back the way we had come. a woman saw me and headed towards me. she was blond and wore American army fatigues. i could not understand her words, but i knew the uniform meant help. so i followed her to a helicopter. as we got close to it, i heard a sound. a deep whistle that started to grow louder. i remember looking up and seeing the plane leaving and the big items falling towards us. i woke up right when the missiles hit the 'copter.

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