Saturday, July 10, 2010

A nightmare...

i was twelve years old when i dreamt this. it started with me sitting in a minivan. i was in the passenger seat. there was a man in the driver seat. he had red hair, was lean, wearing greens and blues. he pressed a button on the dashboard, which looked more like something from an evil scientists evil machines, and i was ejected from the van. i flew strait up about 50 into the air.(please note, i am afraid to be disconnected with my planet, no flying for me!) i still had the chair with me in the air because i had had my seat belt on. when i landed, i realized the bottom was a big spring that bounced me back up. then the next bounce happened which attracted a pack of dobermans. the dogs kept leaping at me snapping there jaws and barking. this bouncing way up high and into the middle of these dogs lasted for a while until i woke up... but the problem was that i didn't wake up all the way. i couldn't move my body. my eyes felt open but i remember not blinking. i could feel my brain trying to move my arms. i remember feeling my arms, heavy, unmoving, almost resisting my urging movement. i then tried to relax and in doing so fell back asleep which i immediately awoke from.

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