Friday, July 9, 2010

The mall

i have had many dreams now that involve a mall. the setting is always post apocalyptic. this mall is huge. one thing to note, is that this mall has things attached that usually don't go in a mall. first is a hospital. yes, a 4 story tall hospital attached to one side of the mall, next is a greyhound type bus terminal, located at the other end of the mall. in the middle of this mall is an extremely large rest/garden area with a large elevator in the center. i have had dreams here where i am late for work at a movie store. i have had dreams of applying for a clothes store job. I've dreamt of being unable to find my mom anywhere in the mall. and I've dreamt of being in a bathroom and over hearing girls talk about some guy like he was rancid meat. i've even dreamt of walking home after working there. don't know what it means to dream of this place so often...

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