Friday, July 9, 2010

Ocean view

i have had a few dreams where the ocean has risen and engulfed parts of cities. i say this because i know it in my dreams. (i am very conscious in my dreams) i am usually wandering with my husband, or a group of people. (whom i don't know in real life or my dream) one particular dream, i was with a group of people and my husband. we were walking around trying to find a shower and some food. we let ourselves into a house on a hilltop, which has become a water's edge, meaning, the house down the next block could be seen in the water from the window. i remember walking through the house. witnessing the people we were with grabbing drinks from the fridge and sitting on the back patio relaxing after our long walk. i needed a shower so i headed towards the bathroom. i stepped into the bedroom and headed through. something caught my eye on the dresser. it was a beautiful nick knack. (don't remember what it was, only i thought it that way) i thought,' if i had a home I'd get me one.' then proceeded to think,'i wonder if they are still around?' (meaning that i didn't know if they were alive anymore because of recent events) then i woke up.

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