Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's been too long since I have had time to sit and write. Recently I've had difficulty remembering my dreams. My life has been undergoing renovations. But now I am back and ready for you. Although I am unsure where to start. OK, here goes...

I was in a big city. Everything around me is dark. I enter a huge building. The lobby has a golden color that almost glows from the room itself. I make my way to the elevator. Next thing I know I am in an apartment. It's noisy because the kids are watching t.v. I am standing in the doorway of the kitchen looking at my husband while he cooks. He reaches up high for ingredients. As his shirt lifts I expect to see his hairy belly, but no, it was hairless. I realize the hair on his face isn't real either. I know it's weird, but i pretended I noticed nothing when we kissed. Then I said, "Not now. The kids." Then we are suddenly standing on the stairs. I look down into "my husband's" eyes and realize I am a man dressed as me and that we are meant to be.

So yeah, that was another crazy dream...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

in general

 I realized that I haven't been writing in this blog much. But not because I haven't been dreaming, it's that my dreams have been pretty bland and unmemorable. Mainly, I have been dreaming about places I have been in other dreams. The situations aren't as involved as my previous ones. I keep dreaming about an apartment complex. each time i dream about it, we have just moved in. We find problems around the home like leaking or crumbling and other minor and major things. The landlord in these dreams always fixes them or moves us to a different apartment. I do know we get settled in this complex, i have had that dream years ago. Now my dreams seem to be including the missing parts, or filler of my dreams. It's strange how my dreams seem to be another life of mine that are never in order. And it's not just one dream life, but many....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the kids might be sick...

so the other morning i had this dream. i was me in this dream and my entire house hold was there too. it took place in a house that had wood paneling walls. my friend who is living with us came out of her room and said, "i think my son is sick." i could hear snarling coming from the bed room. then my 5 year old daughter appeared in the hallway. she was very pale, almost blue. she had glazed over, or cloudy eyes. she was snarling and reaching for me. i then said, " she's sick too." i kept walking away from her so she wouldn't bite me and eventually i stood on the bathroom sink to be out of her reach. as she reached up and snarled at me, i calmly said, " go lay down honey, you're sick." throughout this whole dream i was not afraid. it was as if the children had a cold and i was just trying to avoid it. not sure what to think about this one...

Monday, August 30, 2010

a realization

i recently dreamt that a friend of mine and  her son were living with my family and me, which is going to happen sometime soon, and i was watching a ghost video, like taps or ghost hunters. i was trying to get my friend to watch a certain part of the show with me, but she would walk away before i rewound the episode. the thing is that i never saw it either. so I'm guessing my friend wont see a point i have made because i missed it myself?

out of the dream world

so, i haven't posted anything in quite a long time. that's because i hadn't been dreaming. not like, oh i don't remember my dream, but actually no dreams. i found this out a couple of weeks ago when i was in the hospital. i had pains and found out i had gall stones that needed to be removed. the night before surgery, i was watching the TV when i became tired and closed my eyes. i then opened them a minute or so later. in my hospital there was a crowd of people looking at me. all wearing scrubs, gowns, and lab coats. they didn't move or blink, just stared at me with dull expressions. i then closed my eyes again, still quite tired i might add, and when i opened them i was saying my husband's name. everything was as it should be. this happened one more time that night. that morning, my blood temp was low. the day after i had surgery, i took a nap and dreamt a real dream. i say this because i felt the mood and emotion that i hadn't felt in a very long time that i get upon awakening. i realized after that, that it had been really long since i had felt that. and it spooked me out because the experience i had before the surgery with the somber faces left me with no emotion. i don't really know what to make of this experience, but i know at the time in the room i was not afraid, just... not ready? it's very hard to explain. one theory i have thought of is that i was close to death and those spirits could see that and were waiting to see what would happen, and my calling my husbands name was my way of remembering why i wanted to stay?

Monday, July 12, 2010

another one of those movie dreams

i had this dream last year or so ago. it started with me and a friend walking down a street to get to a festival. the town had steep hills, older store buildings, suburban style neighborhoods, lots of trees. lots of people going about there day, and children playing amongst it all. then i remember becoming like a camera that panned down the long street from an above angle. it ended on a house rustic style. on the main street that crossed the first. inside was a married couple. the husband said to the wife,"look what i got." he held up a movie rental. it was a type movie that was equivalent to The hills have eyes. the wife replied, "where are the kids?" i then could see a boy of about 11-13, and a girl of about 6, in a white room. a game room in the basement. he was playing a game on a large screen, which was shaped like a half circle. he had a controller that looked like a gun. the girl was pestering him about the monsters he was killing in the game. then i saw the husband and wife again. they start watching movie. it's a nice day out so there door is open. a dark creepy, old car drives past. as they continue to watch, there is a loud banging on there screen. they both jump. the husband looks and greets his daughter's teacher, who looks like he's had acid splashed on him in his past. he warns them of strange occurrences happening around the neighborhood. they offer him a drink and snack which he declines and leaves on his way. the wife them asks her husband where their older son is. he tells her that he's probably at the high school shooting hoops. now it's getting dark out. and i can see a teenage boy of about 14, shooting hoops 2 on 2. there is a rustling in the bushes beside the court. no one notices. then i am a girl. i am washing my face. i look in the mirror, my hair is dark natural red cut in an A-line. i am small, about 5'2" and lean. i go to bed. i wake up and feel hazy, look at the clock and see that I'm late. i get dressed and head for work. on my way i notice it is still dark out. with grey clouds in the sky, everything seems to have a faint mist to it. i arrive at the nondescript copy fax store. i try the handle, it's locked. i see my coworker inside. she is bent over a machine replacing something inside. she has fiery red thin hair. she stands up and notices me out there with a start. she then comes to the door to let me in, all the while talking, "what are you doing here so early? you're not due for another 3 hours. well come on in..." she's opened the door, let me in, and locked the door, she stops talking the moment she looks at me. she then gets a look of utter terror, and says, "w-w-what h-happened to you?" i then realize i haven't looked in the mirror yet, so i look at myself in the glass of the window. what i see has the same hair and skin as before bed, but the eyes are solid black, the teeth were at least 2 inches long and very pointy. i then lifted up my hands to my face and saw my finger nails were about 5 inches long and sharp as well. then i lunged at the woman. i then was back at the school being a camera. most of the teens had left, leaving the boy and a few kids sitting around under a tree near a the boy starts to leave, a tall man comes out of nowhere. he is wearing a dingy outfit. brown old and dirty, something from 100 years ago or something. he starts to go after the kids under the tree. next i see the house. there is blood everywhere in the living room and the parents are dead. the kids are hiding in the basement, something is snarling outside the basement door. they make it out of the window to see their brother running to them. they try to find a safe place. they end up in the mall. they split up for supplies after they all have weapons. the boy get cornered in a store by the tall man. the little girl gets frightened by something. she hides sitting against a dividing wall or banister. she gets the courage to look over, and sees a reflection, but there's no mirror, and it is moving as if in super fast motion with trails. the girl crouches down and screams, while covering her head. the eldest brother finds her and the "thing" is gone. they then go to find the other brother. then a flood of people rush into the mall. i wake up before they find there brother.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crazy place

i had this dream sometime last year. my husband and i were walking. we were in a town that appears to me quite often. we arrive at a house. it's a rather big home. something you would see in an older town. it was blue, had 3 stories and lots of windows. run down but livable look to it. we entered the home and were greeted by a group of people. we were meeting up with friends to travel more. the man that lived there was tall, lean, shaved head, stubble on face and head. he was wired on something and selling drugs to the others. he asked my husband and i if we wanted to buy, and we told him no. he then gave us each a little black pill and said it would change the way we see things. he then gave us a tour of the home and in the attic there was a man chained to a chair. he was facing a window, and his head was moving rapidly. the people i was waiting on needed to go right then so i said goodbye to my husband. i put the pill in my pocket to give away later. we got in an older car. grey, like not painted. Camero type, possibly something similar. we drove a while, until the car stopped running. the area that we stopped in had trees all along one side of the street, and just grass on the other. i noticed a cop coming up close and i remembered the pill. i couldn't throw it away because he was close enough to see. so i just prayed because i had no intention of using it since i didn't know what it was. i woke up when he got out of his car...