Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crazy place

i had this dream sometime last year. my husband and i were walking. we were in a town that appears to me quite often. we arrive at a house. it's a rather big home. something you would see in an older town. it was blue, had 3 stories and lots of windows. run down but livable look to it. we entered the home and were greeted by a group of people. we were meeting up with friends to travel more. the man that lived there was tall, lean, shaved head, stubble on face and head. he was wired on something and selling drugs to the others. he asked my husband and i if we wanted to buy, and we told him no. he then gave us each a little black pill and said it would change the way we see things. he then gave us a tour of the home and in the attic there was a man chained to a chair. he was facing a window, and his head was moving rapidly. the people i was waiting on needed to go right then so i said goodbye to my husband. i put the pill in my pocket to give away later. we got in an older car. grey, like not painted. Camero type, possibly something similar. we drove a while, until the car stopped running. the area that we stopped in had trees all along one side of the street, and just grass on the other. i noticed a cop coming up close and i remembered the pill. i couldn't throw it away because he was close enough to see. so i just prayed because i had no intention of using it since i didn't know what it was. i woke up when he got out of his car...

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  1. Ummm i wander what the black pill meant? maybe it mean's that your leaving the past behind and making batter choices. good blog post btw.