Friday, July 9, 2010

My favorite dream

this dream played like a movie where i was the camera. it starts out with a man. he is tall, blond, with a muscular built. he had a jagged looking scar that ran across his throat, as well as a scar going from his left eyebrow to his left cheek, somehow it surpassed his eye, which was fine. he wore a grey suit with a tie. he drove a red convertible. so anyhow, he was like some sort of agent or detective. he got a lead on his case and drove out into the country to investigate. while he's there, he starts to romance a woman in order to get answers. they are in a pantry alone and he has her pinned to the wall. when he looks at a shelf to his right and declares,"cat food. it was all about cat food." that's all i remember of that dream...

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