Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's been too long since I have had time to sit and write. Recently I've had difficulty remembering my dreams. My life has been undergoing renovations. But now I am back and ready for you. Although I am unsure where to start. OK, here goes...

I was in a big city. Everything around me is dark. I enter a huge building. The lobby has a golden color that almost glows from the room itself. I make my way to the elevator. Next thing I know I am in an apartment. It's noisy because the kids are watching t.v. I am standing in the doorway of the kitchen looking at my husband while he cooks. He reaches up high for ingredients. As his shirt lifts I expect to see his hairy belly, but no, it was hairless. I realize the hair on his face isn't real either. I know it's weird, but i pretended I noticed nothing when we kissed. Then I said, "Not now. The kids." Then we are suddenly standing on the stairs. I look down into "my husband's" eyes and realize I am a man dressed as me and that we are meant to be.

So yeah, that was another crazy dream...

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