Sunday, December 19, 2010

in general

 I realized that I haven't been writing in this blog much. But not because I haven't been dreaming, it's that my dreams have been pretty bland and unmemorable. Mainly, I have been dreaming about places I have been in other dreams. The situations aren't as involved as my previous ones. I keep dreaming about an apartment complex. each time i dream about it, we have just moved in. We find problems around the home like leaking or crumbling and other minor and major things. The landlord in these dreams always fixes them or moves us to a different apartment. I do know we get settled in this complex, i have had that dream years ago. Now my dreams seem to be including the missing parts, or filler of my dreams. It's strange how my dreams seem to be another life of mine that are never in order. And it's not just one dream life, but many....

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